For the past two years, I’ve chosen this particular conference because of how much it shapes you into a better business person and how it pulls you completely out of your comfort zone to learn more. This conference helps me to embrace who I am fully, a young African American woman in a field dominated by many amazing caucasian women. At times it can be very nervousing, and you may question yourself of whether you belong or not, or if these women will understand you. They will + they do, they are just as nervous as you are, don’t allow your color or style, to stuffle you meeting some of the most amazing women, because we all have something to bring to the table.

Again, Designer Vaca was amazing and what made it extra special this time around was that I my husband tagged alone with me. We explored the city on bicycles, we shopped a little + ate a lot, and he got first dibs on all the insight that I learned from the other gals on how to better our design studio.